Background Checks

To be permitted to work or volunteer with a youth sports association or group and be in compliance with the Peters Township and State of Pennsylvania Policies (PDF) the individual must complete and pass the required background screenings.

Introduction on Required Background Screenings

Individuals, age 14 and over receiving financial compensation for their services must compete all three background screenings including the FBI finger print screening.

Individuals, ages 18 and over wishing to volunteer must complete and pass the following background screenings (depending on the length of residency in the State of Pennsylvania).

The Pennsylvania State Police Criminal History Check

The Pennsylvania Child Abuse History Clearance

FBI Finger Print Screening Check

If the individual is receiving compensation or is a volunteer that has lived in the state of Pennsylvania less than 10 years they must also have the FBI finger print screening. 

If the individual wishing to volunteer has lived in the State of Pennsylvania for 10 or more years, the required affidavit (PDF) must be completed.

Final Instructions

Individuals must submit all required clearances and documents to the sports association or group prior to any routine involvement in any capacity. Incomplete information will not be accepted.

The process may take some time, so sports associations and the individual wishing to work/volunteer must plan appropriately.
 "Clearances and documents shall be renewed and resubmitted every three (3) years per the Peters Township Youth Protection Policy"

Helpful Resources

Please contact the Parks and Recreation Director at 724-942-5000 if you have any questions.