Current Projects

Construction Projects

Valley Brook Road/Bebout Road Roundabout

The project is complete, and the roundabout is now open and fully functional, as of November 15, 2023.

PA American Water Projects

Water Main Work - E. McMurray Rd. (from Demmel Drive to Fulton Drive)

Pennsylvania American Water Company AWC has informed the Township that they have contracted with Casper Colisimo & Sons, Inc.  to relocate a section of water main on East McMurray Road from Demmel Drive to Fulton Drive.  Work is anticipated to begin sometime around November 1st  +/- and last for approximately 6 to 8 weeks.  This work is being done to accommodate the future PennDOT intersection project at East McMurray, Bebout, and Thompsonville.  The work will be done during daylight hours.  No road closures are anticipated.  Traffic will be restricted to one lane and controlled with flaggers.  Expect delays.

Thomas Road Construction

PA American Water Company has notified Peters Township that their subcontractor, Alex E. Paris Contracting Co., Inc., will be starting a water line replacement project on Thomas Road (State Route 1017) between Saratoga Drive and Lampliter Lane starting in early August and ending in late September.  The road will remain open, but, restricted to one lane with traffic controlled by flaggers at the work zone.

Sanitary Authority Projects

McCombs Road Sanitary Sewer Replacement Project

Please be advised that Peters Creek Sanitary Authority (PCSA) is planning for a sanitary sewer replacement project on McCombs Road at an undetermined time in the future. However, the work being conducted now is all preliminary design work.  The proposed project consists of in-trench replacement of approximately 6,750 linear feet of existing sanitary sewer with larger diameter sewer as necessary to increase the capacity of the sanitary sewer trunk line to preclude future sanitary sewage backups in this area.  In addition, the existing manholes will be replaced.  All existing sanitary sewer service lines will be reconnected to the new larger diameter sanitary sewer mainline.  Again, the work being conducted now is all preliminary design work only.

The proposed line replacement is located parallel to McCombs Road on the lower side.  This proposed sanitary sewer replacement project would significantly improve the PCSA sanitary sewer system by providing more sewer capacity to reduce surcharging.  

During the months of April and May 2023, PCSA’s Engineer, Lennon, Smith, Souleret Engineering, Inc. (LSSE) will be conducting preliminary design work in the area of McCombs Road.   This preliminary work will include Closed-Circuit Television (CCTV) of the sanitary sewer line.  Please feel free to ask any of the LSSE workmen for their identification.  In addition, PCSA will post additional details as applicable going forward.  If you have any questions, please feel free to call the PCSA office at 724-348-6860.

Columbia Gas Projects

Golfview Drive & Circle Drive Areas

Columbia Gas has notified the Township of a large gas main replacement project planned for 2023 in the Golfview Drive – Circle Drive area of the Township.   Most of the work is off of the pavement and in yards, but, some will be in the pavement.  It is expected to start in January 2023 and last through the fall of 2023.