Changes to Garbage/Recycling Pickup - Starting January 1, 2024

Changes to Garbage/Recycling Pickup - Starting January 1, 2024

Starting January 1, 2024, Peters Township, along with many other South Hills municipalities, will begin a new five (5) year refuse and recycling contract with Waste Management. The changes in service and cost reflect a national trend for the collection, processing, and disposal of solid waste. 

Below are some of the key changes that will go into effect at the beginning of next year: 


  • The quarterly garbage fee will be $100.  Jordan Tax Service will still send out the bills and receive payments.
  • No garbage or recyclables outside of either cart will be accepted, except for two bulk items per month (first full week of the month).
  • Only one Township-issued cart for weekly garbage is included in the regular service.
  • Only one Township-issued cart for weekly recycling is included in the regular service.
  • Residents may, however, obtain an additional garbage cart(s) for an annually adjusted fee ($110 in 2024) directly through Waste Management.  You must use a Waste Management cart(s) to place out additional garbage.   You cannot use your own cart for additional garbage; it must be a Waste Management cart. Call 1-800-866-4460 to order additional carts and service.  When calling, please state "Service Change".  This will then connect you to a live agent who can assist you in ordering a cart.   
  • Additional recycling cart(s) may also be ordered by calling 1-800-866-4460.  There is an annually adjusted fee ($93 in 2024) for additional recycling cart(s).
  • Bulk Items will be limited to two items that will be picked up on the first full week of the month.  The bulk item schedule can be found by clicking here. Residents do NOT have to notify WM or the Township prior to placing out bulk items.  
  • Glass and cardboard are included in curbside recycling, but the successful drop-off program behind Fire Station #1 will remain an option for residents.
  • Electronic and household hazardous waste recycling will continue.  Residents should visit or call 1-800-449-7587 to schedule a pickup.
  • Yard and leaf waste must always be placed in your garbage cart other than during the five-week autumn leaf collection.  The autumn leaf collection weeks will be posted on the Township website.
  • During the five week autumn leaf collection, leaf waste must be placed in compostable paper bags.  Leaves in plastic bags will not be taken. 
  • Additional services, such as house cleanouts, disposal of construction materials, etc., will still be available directly through Waste Management for an additional fee.  
    • Contact Waste Management at 1-800-866-4460; or
    • Utilize the Bagster program.  You can purchase bags at a participating retailers, order bags online at, or call 1-877-789-2247.


  • If you do not already have one, it could be a good time to consider using a mulching lawn mower. A mulching lawn mower redistributes fine-cut grass clippings back into your yard, removing the need for bagging and disposing of the clippings.
  • Consider composting leaf and yard waste instead of disposing of this waste with your trash. 
  • If you do not have a trash compactor, you may want to consider that purchase to maximize you garbage cart’s capacity.

More information, including the 2024 garbage and recycling pickup schedule, will be sent to residents later this year by Peters Township and Waste Management. Information will also be posted on the Township’s website at