Who is the Earned Income Tax Collector for Peters Township?

Keystone Collections Group is the local earned income tax collector for all Washington County municipalities and school districts including Peters Township. Your employer is required by Pennsylvania state law to withhold earned in for all employees. Check your most recent pay stub and verify that the Earned Income Tax is being withheld. If it is not being withheld, immediately contact your payroll department to have this corrected. Paul Lauer, Peters Township Manager, can be contacted at 724-941-4180 to assist you or your employers payroll department with any questions or concerns. Failure to withhold taxes by employers can result in fines, as well as, penalty and interest being levied.

To be able to correctly administer the collection of the Earned Income Tax, each employee is required to complete and return to the employer a new tax form called the Certificate of Residency (PDF). The form is analogous to the W-4 form required by the IRS. Do not return the Certificate of Residency form to Keystone Collection Group, but rather complete and return the form to your employer.

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Irwin, PA 15642
Phone: 724-978-0300
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